Blockchain continues to provide a new foundation for organizations to rethink their future market strategies, as Blockchain innovations are shaping as potential disruptors for a lot of "bricks and mortar" industries.  A few years ago, Social Mobile Analytical Cloud (SMAC) was a theme for organization to consider their millennial strategies and within a few years, Blockchain is now challenging traditional centralized authority services and product models with decentralized, autonomous and trust based platforms.

As with many new technologies, many pioneers of the past are responsible for helping shape visions that were once challenged by industry as being fads or unrealistic, until they achieve an early adopter audience whose interest and passion, far outweighs their concern for financial risk!

The following articles provide a general background on the history of Blockchain, however these are only a few and in case you would like a detailed history, please consider to purchase a book on the topic:

1980s Cryptography Movement | CyberPunk - 

2004 Currency Exchange | Ripple - 

October 2008 | Satoshi Nakamoto | Bitcoin Paper - 

- Bitcoin Paper | 


Below are additional Blockchain articles for further learning:

Blockchain Leaders | 

Through Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies continued to emerge and early adopters helped build the initial market place foundation, which has grown from a 20 billion dollar market cap in 2016 and continuing towards exceeding a 160 billion dollar market cap in 2017.

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