Through Blockchain innovation, cryptocurrencies emerged in providing various options for the consumer to consider investing in.  There are cryptocurrencies that solely provide a secure wallet and currency product and there are many other cryptocurrencies that provide an underlying technology enabler along with a cryptocurrency that provides a foundation for investors to invest and potentially receive a return on their investment, through the cryptocurrencies value increasing.

There are many type of cryptocurrency markets, products and themes, below are a few to provide you a basic understanding:

To invest in cryptocurrencies, one must ensure they understand their jurisdictional requirements for investing and be aware these are extremely risky markets, as they can instantly drop by 90% or greater within an instance, so investor(s) be aware.

Basic concepts

There are various methods to invest, an investor may:

Open an Cryptocurrency Exchange account, by researching which one will best suit their needs.

Exchanges vary in size and functionality, their daily trade volume helps provide an indicator on how many consumers are using their platform and this is a good indicator around the stability, speed, reliability and offerings the exchange has.

- research an exchange that meets your needs

- create account / understand your risk(s)

- deposit funds / via their various options / is a great site that you may consider using to transfer funds into your Kraken (or other Exchange account).

Kraken is one of many exchanges, where one can create an account and begin trading | 

Some additional cryptocurrency exchanges that have great trading tools:

Research Tools

There are many research tools that will help you evaluate which cryptocurrencies you can invest in.

Once popular site is | 

Key tools:

- cryptocurrency calculator | 

- cryptocurrency market cap | 

To gain an incredible and awestruck understanding on how the cryptocurrency market has grown, you can view historical snapshots of currencies at |  

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Initial coin offerings provide consumers the ability to purchase new cryptocurrency offerings before they launch on an exchange.  Some of these ICOs provide high volume coin offers in exchange for a consumer to purchase using various cryptocurrencies that the ICO supports.  

You can view these ICO listings from various sites, here are a couple: 

Regulatory Risks

With this being a new market,, there is extreme volatility based on many risks, below are excellent articles that provide various risk insights:


The history of cryptocurrencies 

The following site provides an excellent histogram of cryptocurrencies |