"Innovation is an intersection between the mind, critical need, foundational knowledge and abstracted vision - Compuvergence"

The power of computation continues to create open space for pioneers of the future to conceptualize, design and test new concepts that were once considered science fiction.  There are many planned and unplanned intersections of technology across all industry pillars that are forming disruptive technologies that are replacing traditional thinking and traditional industry.

Companies are able to benefit from the "rapid trajectory transformations" that can be modelled out on computers, providing minimal risk ahead of market entry.

An example of these companies are | http://www.disrupt100.com/# 


Other innovators that are leading across various fields are:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

- | Open AI | https://openai.com 

- | Tensorflow | https://www.tensorflow.org 


- | http://www.spacex.com 

- | https://www.blueorigin.com 

It is the pioneers of innovation who spent their lives pushing the boundaries of science and exploration through their passion, that have helped catapult today's innovators.  An interesting read on this topic is:

- | Thomas Kuhn | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Kuhn 

- | Thomas Kuhn | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Structure_of_Scientific_Revolutions